Current industry data shows that students are not participating in the school lunch programs being offered to them today. We are listening and are committed to providing a solution to increase the value and acceptance levels of school lunches by students with the addition of Shiver Shock to your lunch menu.

Shiver Shock is a 100% juice based frozen beverage available to Middle and High schools. By meeting the USDA and ABA nutritional requirements, Shiver Shock qualifies as an 8 ounce serving of fruit on the school lunch line. Shiver Shock is a fun, cool, and healthy way for kids to enjoy a serving of fruit while also helping to increase participation in school subsidized lunch programs. 

With Shiver Shock, you can offer a regular menu item to your current school lunch menu that reduces boredom, offers something “cool” to the students, and provides a healthy alternative to the current fruit items that they frequently discard in the trash. Food costs are comparable to that of regular fruit items traditionally used in school lunches.

It is time for you to turn your cafeteria into a “cool zone” with Shiver Shock today, and watch those subsidized school lunch participation levels surge!

ShiverShock 100% Juice Lowfat Yogurt Smoothie Program

  • ShiverShock® 100% Juice mixed with Yoplait Parfait Pro

  • Simple and cost-effective

  • Fully creditable as part of a reimbursable Breakfast/Lunch under USDA Guidelines

  • Smart Snacks compliant, K–12

  • Gluten free

  • ShiverShock and Yoplait Parfait Pro available through your food service distributor

  • Free smoothie mixing kit: electric immersion blender, mixing bucket (s), and smoothie POS

  • Contains 100% Fruit Juice when diluted with water

  • Case Pack: 6-64 oz

  • 4:1 Concentrate Mix Ratio

  • CaseYield: 1,920 finished ounces(480x4 oz Servings)

  • 6 month shelf life (normal conditions, dry storage, ambient temperature)

  • No refrigeration required until concentrate is mixed with water—2 week shelf life on Shiver Shock 100% Juice Concentrate diluted with water

  • 3 day shelf life on finished Yogurt Smoothie drink

SS_Cup w Product_Merged no bckd_sm.png
SS_Mixing Instructions_Grp-1941_1-sm.png

ShiverShock 100% Juice Frozen Slushy

  • 100% Juice Based

  • No Sugar Added

  • Naturally Sweetened

  • Fully USDA Compliant for schools; Middle and High Schools

  • Fully ABA Compliant for schools; Middle and High Schools

  • 100% Vitamin C RDA per serving

  • 20% B6 RDA per serving

  • 20% B12 RDA per serving

  • 8 oz portion= 119 calories